A Christmas Helping Hand

Our resident Stacey decided this year she wanted to make someone else’s Christmas day special and so she volunteered her time to the Salvation Army to help them with their Christmas meal.  Here is what Stacey had to say;

“I was doing work experience at Magnus where I was shadowing the Chaplain and we took the children to the Sally Army to see what they were all about.  They started talking about the Christmas meal they do and I asked if I could help.  The day started with us all attending the service at the Salvation Army church in Balderton.  I didn’t know anyone there and I went on my own.  I listened to the Christmas service which was good and different to other churches, we sang a lot of hymns!  After the service we went to set up the tables for the meal and started to make the food in the kitchen.  There were two types of meal; one where they came and dinner with us at the church and one where we delivered the meals to people’s houses.  There was a hot Christmas dinner being made and a cold dinner of sandwiches, cake and fruit.  All dinners got a cracker with them and they got a small gift!  After we had set up, I went out with some others to do 3 deliveries.  I was shocked that there are people out there that may be on your doorstep that have no one and one man in particular was so thankful for the food and that someone had thought of him.

I came back to have Christmas dinner and it turns out there were people I knew there.  There were about 60 guests, 20 volunteers and then proper chefs who were doing the food.  The Pastor of the church was there with his family and they were all lovely people.  It was so nice that so many people had given their time.  We watched the Queen’s Speech which was the first time ever for me and it was amazing!!  What she said was inspiring and Christian and changed my perspective on the Royals.  She even mentioned Game of Thrones so that was fantastic!  I then helped to pack away and tidy up.  It wasn’t particularly hard work and I cant see why people wouldn’t do it.  I want to do it again next year.  It was great to socialise with real people and ones that are just in your doorstep.  It gave me a different outlook for Christmas and I’m usually the center of attention and it was nice to have Christmas focused on someone else.  I want to volunteer in the future and trying to get my mum involved next year.  When I’m 18 I could do a lot more and next year I’ll know they drill and be able to get involved more.

It is so nice that people can get together and the loneliness is gone and in a nice environment to socilaise and meet new people”.

This was a lovely report from Stacey and she has done a wonderful thing – Well done

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