Catch Up

We have featured on the website several stories about a resident called Danny.  He was in our newsletter as he was heading off for Uni in Manchester to study music.  Danny has been in touch with us on a regular basis and is doing well.  He has provided this short blog about his time so far at University.


The past few months at you have been a very experiential time for me.

Firstly I have made many new friends and that has happened both in university and in work as well.

University has been very demanding, and the lessons have been very hands on. With that I feel I have improved as a musician and working has done this by allowing me to work with many other musicians, and also I have improved due to the outstanding tutors who all still work in the music industry!

As well as university I have kept my job at Starbucks in which I got promoted to coffee master. This means that I know about how coffee is grown and why coffee gets different flavors from different countries (history of coffee). This has helped me keep motivated, which in turn has boosted my confidence.

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