Christmas Celebrations

Happy New Year to you all! ūüôā


At the Trust, we try to make Christmas time as special as possible for our residents.  Most of them are invited to family and friends for some point over the Christmas period but for some, they are here at the Trust and the staff aim to make the day as entertaining as possible.  Read below for what we got up to this year!  Check out the Gallery for pictures


Christmas Eve

“It was great fun. ¬†We took Bella and Luke to McDonald’s to get the food they had been saving for. ¬†We watched the Grinch before taking part in Carl’s Christmas quiz. ¬†The rest of the evening was taken up with Wii games with some serious dad dancing from Carl and John!” – Amanda (staff).

“It was great fun and got a good Christmas feeling going” – Carl (staff)


Christmas Day

Staff Pete and Jane started the day with the residents by preparing and cooking the Christmas dinner.

“Bella did lots of prep on the day with Luke and Danny being involved in the planning. ¬†It was a really good day, the residents were in high spirits and wanted to help. ¬†We spent the morning watching Disney films and then ate dinner” – Jane (staff)

“I was glad we gave the residents somewhere to go and I was able to do what we did” – Pete (staff)

“I prepared a buffet with the residents on Christmas evening and then we watched Christmas movies and played a quiz. ¬†It was nice to spend quality time with the residents who all interacted well with each other and had a laugh” – Hayley (staff)

“We came in to a room full of people playing Just Dance on the Wii and this continued for a few hours providing much entertainment! ¬†We then played party games thought up by Teresa which the residents appeared to enjoy. ¬†The custom of watching the drama of Eastenders followed this and then music entertainment from Danny finished the night. ¬†It was a good day and good atmosphere” – Rachael (staff)

“I thoroughly enjoyed it! ¬†The residents enjoyed it and participated in activities like cooking and games” – Sue (staff)


Boxing Day

This started with a big clean up of the day before!  We then watched Shutter Island whilst chatting about it and trying to understand!  We then cooked a pork dinner which the residents ate and enjoyed.  This was followed by a request to watch a horror film and  then back on the Wii for more dancing and games!


New Year

“We did Wii activities again and was listening to music with party food. ¬†We played racing games (Mario Cart) and then the residents went and did their own thing” – Jane (staff)


What the residents thought

“It was good. ¬†Teresa’s mash wasn’t so good! ¬†I enjoyed the food and the activities” – Bella

“At first I was a bit sceptical that it might be boring but it was actually really fun. ¬†All residents got along and it was like a little family. ¬†There was good relationships with staff as well” – Luke

“It was good. ¬†I spent the day with my brother and nephew then came back to the Trust. ¬†The night games were exciting and fun playing Just Dance” – Danny

“It got everyone together. ¬†It was good fun and everyone had a laugh and got on. ¬†Teresa’s activities were fun” – Jemma

“It was fun especially Teresa’s game where I was able to pick a box up off the floor with my teeth! ¬†It was a good laugh” – Keah

“It was a good night as it was funny and we all had a laugh” – Scott

“It was fun playing the Wii and I was beating everyone on Just Dance” – Tom

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