House Meetings

Each month the residents get the opportunity to attend a house meeting.  This meeting is their chance to have their say about the Trust and pass on their ideas for improvement or change.  They discuss issues they have with the properties, give ideas for future activities and help with changes the Trust may be making to processes or documents.  Each month the residents choose a topic to discuss at the next house meeting and these have ranged from nutrition to drugs and alcohol use, personal safety to pre tenancy training, and energy savings.  Each property has a nominated house representative and these reps work to see all residents and get their views so even if they can’t attend the meeting, they get their voice heard.  The reps also have tasks set for them to complete and are now taking a more active role.  One of the reps talks about what he thinks of the house meetings.

“I think they are a very good idea and it’s the perfect opportunity for residents to come and say what they think should happen in the Trust, they can say what they think is wrong and needs changing, and give their ideas for activities and trips.  We talk about our problems with accommodation, a topic for every house meeting, and pick a theme for our monthly activities which so far we have covered American, Chinese, and Italian.  We have looked at personal safety, sexual health, fire safety, drugs and alcohol dangers, and sugar and healthy eating.

A lot has come out of the meetings.  Some residents are trying to eat healthier and are being more careful with what they are doing after discussing the dangers of having a BBQ.  I like the responsibility of being a rep and it gives me the reason to talk to residents more and the tasks keep me busy.  I feel like I definitely have a say in things which is good”.  By Damion

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