My Move-on story by Stacey

My move-on story

My move-on story started when I first moved into the Trust when I was 17.  I joined  the City & Guilds course run by the Trust because I’d left school with no qualifications and wanted to work on my skills and get a proper qualification.  I took part in loads of activities and also went on the Edale and narrow boat residential trips.  I enjoyed life at the Trust and made lots of friends, but was a bit childish at first and didn’t give much thought to the future. I got lots of support from staff and gradually over time I began to settle down and work with my key worker to prepare for move-on.  Every week I would spend a small amount of money for something for my new home and gradually managed to buy all of my kitchen, bathroom and bedroom essentials.  One of the workers at the Trust told me about “Freecycle” which is an internet site where people give things away that they no longer need, so I signed up and got some really cool stuff, including a mirror.  I also used Facebook selling sites and got some great bargains.  I lived at the Trust for 2 years, but have now moved out into a flat of my own.  I feel really lucky because it’s brand new and I’m the first person to live in it, but I also feel a little bit scared about living on my own, but the Trust have said that I can always call them and ask for help and advice.  

I received the keys for my new flat from Dawn Turner from Newark & Sherwood Homes who also brought MP Mark Spencer and County Councillor Bruce Laughton with her.  I was given a lovely bunch of flowers and enjoyed showing them around my new home.

I’m really excited about my future and busy looking for a job.

Inside my new flat.

Inside my new flat.

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