My Time at the Trust

By Jemma

I moved into the Trust in February 2012 due to problems at home.  I felt worried and scared when I first moved in.  My first week was hard, I didn’t know anyone and the other residents weren’t part of the friends I would normally hang around with.  I was quiet and within myself, and I didn’t have any confidence or basic life skills like cooking or using a washing machine.  I didn’t have a problem with alcohol but found I started using it as I was lonely.  I got to where I felt I didn’t care anymore and carried on in a destructive way.  I was suffering really badly with low emotions; I felt sad and always tearful.

I got support off  the staff and from CAMHS from my counsellor.  It was nice having someone there everyday and having a one to one every week with a keyworker helped.  I had a lot of emotional support from the staff and there was always someone there to talk to.  I had help with my college course and applying for new courses.  I felt like I was actually doing something with my life.  I have learnt how to look after myself and live alone.

I finished school when I lived at home and had started a college course.  When things started to go bad at home, I started to slip with my college work and found it hard to go to work placement.  When I moved into the Trust, I felt like giving up on it.  My keyworker supported me to continue going to do the course work and had meetings with my tutor to help me complete the work.  At first I thought it was fine to quit but after the support I got, I managed to finish the work and get my Level 2 certificate.

I started at the Trust’s training centre last September so I could learn life skills and give myself a year to figure out what I wanted to do.  I completed this course and then started with the Princes Trust on their 12 week programme.  I learnt people skills working with new people and it gave me an idea of what I wanted to do.  We practiced mock interviews and this happened to fall on the same week I had a real interview for an apprenticeship!

I am now doing my apprenticeship and it’s going really well.  I’m still thinking about a career in support work though and I would like to work somewhere like the Trust as I’ve lived here and been through it.

There has been a massive difference in my confidence since living at the Trust and my emotional side is a lot better as well.  I no longer drink to feel good, just socially with friends because I want to, not because I feel I need to.  I’m capable of doing pretty much anything and ready to move out.  I’ve got a steady job, life skills and savings!

I’ve done loads of activities at the Trust and been on day trips and residentials such as York, Edale and Narrow Boat.  The activities are great as you learn new skills and different ways of doing things.  You get the chance to do things you wouldn’t have done before.

The Trust give you the support you need, and it’s not as bad as what people make out.  If you get involved and take the support you get back what you give.

I feel a lot more positive about the future now than when I first moved in and more so in the last year.  I feel like I can deal with things.  I can trust people a lot more now and I get on a lot better with my mum after working on this relationship.  She understands me better now.  I isolated myself before and I didn’t have anyone.  Now I have made friends and have the right people around me.


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