Training Centre

Our training centre formally started its sessions again in September and our students have been learning skills for independence, parenting awareness, drugs and alcohol awareness, career planning, team building, healthy living and sexual health & relationships education.

Parenting Awareness

“The first session encouraged students to question how ready they are to become parents and this resulted in some great group discussions.  The second session was a practical session on how to care for a baby.  This involved students bathing a baby and dressing it, sterilising feeding equipment and making up bottles.  All students then had a go with a baby simulator to give them an idea of how demanding caring for a baby can be.  The third was the Christmas children’s party with attendance from both current and ex residents.  Everyone took part in a craft activity to decorate a Christmas stocking for their child.  Luke dressed up and made a great Santa!” – Amanda (staff)

“It makes the students realise how difficult it can be to bring up a child with the responsibilities and the financial pressures.  It shows the help they can get and it is put across in a fun laid back way so they can take it in” – Carl (staff)

Career Planning

“We looked at career pathways of the staff to see how people have progressed through their lives and that you can gain all kinds of experience and transferable skills in a variety of settings.  Students looked at what their ideal job would be and what steps could be taken on that way.  They identified college courses that would be a next step on their pathway and applied, either online or on paper, for that chosen course.  This has been great as many courses fill up quickly and our students have been able to plan ahead for September 2013” – Heather (staff)

Drugs & Alcohol Awareness

“The sessions were really well received by the students.  They all took part in some really good discussions and debates about drugs.  It was interesting to hear their views and knowledge they already had.  The students enjoyed the activities using the drugs box and visual impairment equipment, both these resources made them more aware of the effects.  They put in a lot of effort and produced some great work” – Rob (staff)

Team Building

This unit was based around the Edale Residential.  Read the news review on this for details.

“Everybody benefited.  No matter what their attitude, fitness level, or background they got the best out of their time there.  It also gave them an insight into  the countryside” – Pete (staff)

Healthy Living and Sexual Health & Relationships

“We looked at what makes someone healthy, the Eatwell plate and nutrition, completed fitness checks with the sports development team, effects of smoking, the benefits of hygiene, safe sex, laws of sex, positive relationships and made plans on how to improve their lives.  These sessions included practical sessions where they did martial arts classes, and cooking sessions.  They made a Christmas dinner, catering for 20 people.  Overall, these sessions taught them valuable information on how to care for themselves and they all made steps to help improve their lifestyles” – Rachael (staff)

What the students thought!

“It’s been really good.  The Sexual health unit teaches you every day stuff that  you need to know” – Jame-Leigh

“It’s a good way to get to know people.  I’ve learnt about life skills and alcohol awareness has been the most interesting for  me” – Jemma

“It’s been alright.  Parenting awareness has been the best unit for me as I’m due to give birth in March” – Bella

“It’s a good atmosphere, we can have a laugh.  Career planning was good as it helped me realise my potential and I have now got into college next year!” – Luke

“It is better than last year as the work is harder.  Edale was my favourite part of this term as it was activities instead of written work” – Nicole

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