Update on Danny

It’s been a whole year since Danny left us and went off to University.  Here is a catch up with him as to how that first year went.

What was the hardest thing from your course last year?

The lessons on techniques.  It was based on getting better at rudiments and was hard as I’ve not done it since I was 15.

What was the hardest part of Uni life?

Not overspending money!  I like to go out a lot and also buy proper food.  I don’t like to shop like a student!

I’ve had to deal with a few issue this year.  My Dad and my Nana passed away and I had to attend their funerals and be around family.  Also the people I lived with in the first year, we had our differences.   I didn’t know them and didn’t chose to live with them but now I’m living with people I chose and it’s great. The lessons were difficult to start with as it was getting back into practical teaching and being pushed to learn.  It’s been really good to work with new musicians though. 

What was the best part of the course last year?

Live Performance Workshops.  You have a week to go away and practice a song on your own, then you come back to class and they pick a drummer, a singer, a guitarist etc to play the song together.  It’s fun and demanding at the same time. 

What was the best part of Uni life?

Meeting my mates.  My house mates this year are my best mates and we do everything together.  I like to socialise and I play in a football team each week. 

How is work going?

I’ve just transferred stores and it’s busier which is better.  The people are nice and they are more my age. 

What are your aims for next year?

I got a 2:2 this year and so I want to get a 2:1.  I need to knuckle down, work harder and engage more to get this.  I’m off to a seminar next week to represent BIMM at the Royal Northern College of Music which should be good. 

Sum up your first year

Eventful!  Lots of things happened in a short time, and it’s made me grow up a lot!

What are you enjoying most about Uni?

Living in a city.  It’s busier and a lot more happening.  I can go to gigs when I want.  I’ve seen Lower than Atlantis, A Day to Remember, and McBusted (my 10 year old self was happy!).  I would 110% recommend Uni and it is possible to do it if you have the want to.

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